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Critical Communications – When Our Lives Depend On It

There has never been a more important time for emergency services across the world to have reliable communications. We all worry about our friends and family when we hear of terror attacks. Its vital the police, fire and ambulance services can communicate with each other. It’s one of the reasons we will be supporting the BAPCO conference next month – the annual event for Public Safety Communications. read more

Why Real Work Experience Will Take Telecoms Into The Future

If you are struggling to find good graduates you won’t be alone. The lack of young people studying science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is a problem which is worldwide and cuts across all sectors. The solution won’t come overnight but maybe we, as industry insiders, should look more closely at what we can do to help make that change and ensure we are one step ahead to secure the future of the industry. Read more...

Why One Size won’t fit all in Global Telecoms

It’s easy to assume, because we operate in a global market, that one size will fit all. We have only to offer one solution. One way of doing things. Telecoms is telecoms. Test and measurement does what it says on the tin. But what if, rather than thinking about what we prefer to supply i.e. what will make us the most money, we look instead at what each region wants and needs? Read more...

Speaking the same Language in the Telecoms Sector

Great to see fellow RAG (Risk and Assurance Group) members at the One Day Meet and share our ideas and thoughts about the future of the telecoms industry. With both operators and vendors at the event, it gave a real insight into what we can all do to continue to develop and grow our businesses and work together in the sector. In the spirit of collaboration I’ve updated our glossary so when we do use jargon and acronyms, we are all speaking the same language.

Read the glossary.