Real Time Test Call Generation

Merlin ™ Real Time network monitoring provides a proactive approach to your service assurance – protecting revenue, protecting customers.

Prevent customer churn by identifying live traffic network issues with our Merlin ™ Service Assurance product and real time alerts.

Merlin ™ is our scalable solution for delivering real time, independent service assurance. It actively monitors specific network elements and technologies by automatically performing test events and recording results. It provides live reporting issues, allowing network engineers to pro-actively resolve them.

Roscom's Merlin ™ solution will provide you with the above example of a user friendly dashboard so that you can easily monitor your customers network coverage.

Measure network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality and benefit from:

  • Active Monitoring

    • Scheduled testing
      Test events are scheduled at agreed intervals to identify and monitor issues
    • On demand testing
      NMC/NOC & engineers can directly place calls 24x7 to confirm issues and validate corrections, repairs and changes
    • Change Assurance
      Pro-actively monitor the impact of network changes and updates
  • Early Warning System

    • Real time results
      Results reported within 1 minute, holding voice calls open to investigate detected audio issue
    • Alarms
      Issues are raised by SNMP/email, which can be integrated into NMC operations
  • Independent Assurance

    • End to End Coverage
      All service affecting risk points between A-party and B-party phones / internet content
    • Network Agnostic
      Subscriber perspective measures impact on services regardless of network infrastructure