Centralised SIM Management for TCG

Designed & manufactured by Roscom, our SIM Server enables centralised SIM management for our Osprey and Merlin TCG solutions.

Why SIM Server?

  • Efficient, Centralised SIM Management
    • SIMs are securely held at your local site for easy access
    • SIMs are automatically detected, minimising manual configuration
    • SIM boards are hot-swappable, minimising system downtime

  • Increased Capacity & Scalability
    • Up to 400 SIMs can be deployed in a single SIM Server
    • Adding multiple SIM Servers to a system increases tariff capacity even further
    • Each SIM Server supports up to 200+ concurrent connections for 100+ mobile-to-mobile calls depending on hardware configuration

  • Maximised Test Scenario Flexibility
    • Any SIM can call any other SIM
    • Faster deployment to test new promotions
    • More scope for testing legacy tariffs and tariff provisioning
    • Optimises geographical coverage with fewer on-net/off-net SIMs
    • Improved flexibility for national roaming/interconnect

Key Benefits

  • Reduces operational overheads by minimising resource time, travel costs and switch site access
  • Enables quick turnaround for testing new price plans & promotions
  • Improves the scalability & flexibility of our TCG solutions
  • Provides a secure location for SIM storage