Learn to Fly!
Ensure your team are equipped with the knowledge & experience needed to make a difference.

Our experienced team provide consultancy and training for your chosen solution, imparting their knowledge and expertise on your team to ensure they have the knowledge and 'know-how' to achieve maximum value and return on investment for the business.

Consultancy & Training Benefits

Up-skilled Team

Your team learn how to effectively and efficiently use our solutions to assure risk. From analysing your business' risk landscape to independently assuring individual risk points and delivering management-level reporting, we make sure that your team can deliver.

Process Adoption

Understand our unique methodology (Risk Measurement Model) to ensure your team are using our solutions to assure current risk and obtain maximum return on investment.

Key Features

  • Understand all features of the products you have purchased
  • Benefit from our knowledge & experience of working with CSPs across the globe
  • Become a certified Roscom product user
  • Flexible – Delivered on-site or at Roscom HQ
  • Structured packages available or sessions tailored specific to your needs

Want to know more?

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