Revenue Assurance

RA teams face the daily challenge of balancing an ever-changing risk landscape with maintaining an effective assurance strategy. Price plans and promotions are launched and changed on a regular basis and OSS/BSS platforms go through a constant cycle of updates, changes, replacements and migrations. To protect revenue and prevent leakage it is vital that the risk presented with these changes is pro-actively assured and teams are equipped with the right knowledge, tools and technologies to achieve their goals and deliver real value to the business.

Our proven Revenue Assurance products are designed to address the ongoing, flexible needs of today's CSPs. We work hard to ensure that our products remain up-to-date and support the latest technologies ahead of time, enabling our clients to deliver pro-active assurance to the business. They depend on us to be ready to assure tomorrow's risk today.

Forensic Test Call Generation

TCG solutions are invaluable to RA teams. Generating detailed, specific test events enables teams to pro-actively assure the business rules implemented across the revenue chain. It's the only way to accurately, independently assure your revenue streams from end-to-end from your subscribers' perspective.

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Independent Rating Validation

CSPs need to be confident that they are charging correctly for the services delivered to subscribers and identify and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently with minimal impact on the business. Re-rating solutions enable independent validation of the rules configured in rating and billing platforms and highlight issues for correction.

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xDR Reconciliation Engine

Services delivered to subscribers need to be recorded, processed and billed. Errors can occur in the processing and transport of xDRs, leading to missing or incorrect billing. Reconciliation tools are used to validate the integrity of the billing chain and ensure that all subscriber activity reaches the billing system.

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