Service Assurance

Your network is the backbone of your business. CSPs are challenged with ensuring that the network is available for use by subscribers 24/7, while constant changes, updates and migrations are taking place. Network teams require a real-time view of the status of the network to enable fast action to be taken when required. CSPs need confidence that everything is working as expected so that delivered services are captured and billed.

Our Service Assurance products have been developed in partnership with global CSPs to provide scalable, pro-active visibility of the availability of the network and the integrity that the systems used to capture activity and convert it to revenue.

Real-Time Test Call Generation

CSPs need a real-time view of the status and availability of their network. When issues occur, action needs to be taken before there is any impact on subscribers. Real-time Test Call Generators are used to actively test the network and deliver alarms when issues are identified, ensuring subscribers are always able to consume all services and generate revenue for the business.

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xDR Reconciliation Engine

Services delivered to subscribers need to be recorded, processed and billed. Errors can occur in the processing and transport of xDRs, leading to missing or incorrect billing. Reconciliation tools are used to validate the integrity of the billing chain and ensure that all subscriber activity reaches the billing system.

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