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Learn about our values, certifications and our green goals looking towards the future


May I take this opportunity to welcome you to our website! Roscom Limited (“Roscom”) is an independent, family–run business with strong values. We have developed a series of Telecom Testing technologies which we have deployed for many years. We are pioneering products that provide  Assurance and Compliance to a variety of industries and have a global lead in this space across telecoms, utilities, fintech and eCommerce.

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Simon Taylor
Founder and CEO

Our Values

As a company we state our values in our drive to become a certified B Corporation, as well as our continual drive to add to our list of accreditations (ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO14001). We are certified carbon neutral (proven carbon negative), running our company off our solar plant and have already eliminated all plastic from packaging. We design all our products, write all our software, design and manufacture all our hardware in house. We are a family founded, owned and run business with 50% of our Board and 60% of our senior management being female. Our average length of service is over a decade.

Roscom Timeline

Our first test call generator began making calls in 1982. We have therefore been engineering test call generators for over 40 years!

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We Are Carbon Negative

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