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Would you like to know how TCG works? Read below to find out what Test Call Generation is used for and why our TCG offering is so unique.

So, how does TCG work? Well, the principle of using a Test Call Generator is simple:

  • Create independent test sample events on the live network
  • Generate network usage like a real subscriber
  • Perform CDR comparisons to validate accuracy
  • Correct the issues that are impacting subscribers
  • Identify and prevent revenue leakage
  • Produce auditable reports for regulatory compliance

It’s fundamental you have the knowledge and expertise to create suitable test cases to validate the required accuracy, and the appropriate precision TCG to manage and deliver this testing. If either of these are sub-standard the testing will not be successfully completed.

Our training, support and online learning hub are designed to mature your techniques. The Roscom team help you to deploy risk-based test strategies, using our precision-engineered  Osprey™ TCG. Enabling you to promote business-wide confidence that your revenue streams have been safely assured.

The Role of TCG in Telecom

Generate real, auditable subscriber traffic using our five levels of independence:

Produce key performance indicators such as:

  • xDR Generation – discover the CDRs that your systems are not generating
  • xDR Transport – validate the flow of CDRs through the billing systems from end to end, switch to billing
  • xDR Timing Accuracy – compare your system clocks against our ±100ms accurate TCGs with independent GPS timing
  • Metering Accuracy – confirm your switch system’s true metering behaviour for voice and data
  • Rounding – establish if the rules published are the rules implemented
  • Rating Accuracy – qualify that the correct unit costs have been implemented
  • Promotion Accuracy – verify that special offers and bundles have been provisioned correctly
  • Billing Accuracy – prove the legitimacy of the consumers final bill 

Osprey™ Rating and Billing Capabilities

Each test event that is generated by our Osprey™ platform can be rated, bundled and billed by our independent billing engine. This billing verification is carried out by first configuring the Osprey™ system with the published information that is available to the consumer. Then, the Osprey™ system matches and compares the expected pricing against the actual CDR pricing. Any differences in pricing or bundle application found by comparing the two sets of CDRs are reported as billing errors in the system.

We have developed our rating and bundle engine based on decades of experience in building tariffs and bundles. We are confident that any billing setup you have, our Osprey™ tool is capable of replicating for verification. Below are some of the engine features:

Rating Capabilities

  • Per unit pricing e.g. per second, per minute
  • Price rounding to any decimal place e.g. round up, round nearest and round down
  • Friends and family or closed user group reduced rates
  • Special holiday reduced rates
  • Boundary crossing e.g. peak to off peak or midnight boundaries
  • On-net, off-net, regional, international, and roaming rating capabilities

Bundling and Promotion Capabilities

  • Daily, weekly and monthly bundles
  • Create any bundle reset value e.g. 1000 minutes, 2000 SMS, 100GB, unlimited
  • Bundle start and expiry times fully configurable
  • Rollover value verification
  • Equivalency reduction function e.g. 1 minute = 4 SMS
  • Bundle activation via USSD and SMS
  • Shared user bundles
  • Cascading bundles e.g. once bundle A is depleted, then the subscriber swaps to using bundle B
Configuring Settings

What Makes Osprey™ TCG Different?

How TCG Works

How TCG works - book a demo

Our Osprey™ TCG demonstrations are flexible and suited to your needs. Ask our revenue assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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