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See how Imperium™ technology can benefit Mobile (& Virtual) Network Operators


MNO’s do not operate a singular platform but rather a series of complex high performance interlinked platforms with each operator having options to ‘plumb’ their networks together differently. The networks are susceptible to fraud attacks can be used for fraud facilitation on a scale not seen in other businesses. They face severe retail competition, the need for ever increasing investment to deploy the latest xG technology and with Regulatory performance of MNO billing is often scrutinised with a history of regular high value fines and public defamation.

Why RegTech for MNO’s (& MVNO’s)?

We offer a unique approach to Compliance Risk and Business Assurance for MNO’s. We determine this as the outside in and the inside out.

RegTech as RAFM - Roscom Inside Out Approach

From the inside out we offer all the switch to bill reconciliations other RAFM vendors have been offering as extremely expensive software installations for many years – the difference is we have targeted our price point for tier 2 and 3 MNO’s. We have also avoided the endless need for configuration required by so called leading platforms. We can decode ASN1 without any external help from platform vendors and ETL (extract, transform, load) for any and all revenue streams can be configured into sensible windows with a view to cloud processing cost control. We can reconcile any revenue stream across any series of platforms and provide all the analytics needed to ensure the context for the revenue stream is explicit. Once we have determined the set up and mapping required for commissioning, we simply hand the system over within a matter of weeks.

We also offer real time IN controls for activity and balance depletion as well as Mobile Money, roaming and international reconciliation controls.

Once revenue integrity has been established, we can start applying our technology to deploy our standard fraud controls.

Ease of Deployment - ETL

Accessing source data is often considered to be one of the most challenging aspects of setting up a new RegTech System. Imperium™ includes a dedicated mediation platform configured by our experienced inhouse engineering teams to keep the data extraction setup as simple as possible. The process of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is fully automated.

For more details on our setup process, request a product guide at the bottom of this page.

From the outside in we then deploy our TCG technology to ensure all material bundles, bolt ons or any other form of additional purchase is proven to be calibrated for metering across all billing chains and all platforms. When all you can eat tariffs are used even the definition of fair usage can be validated as being correctly implemented for all bearers deployed in the network.

This unique RAFM approach delivers a complete picture for every type of revenue stream and highlights the value in the inside out and outside in approach. 

For compliance this delivers a complete TMBS (Total Metering and Billing System) view rather than a poorly determined sample approach. Our approach also mitigates any Regulatory threat of brand and financial damage from billing irregularity identification, investigation and the bad press of a significant fine.

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