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Test the completeness and accuracy of billing for your satellite communication services

Testing Satellite Communications

Satellite technology enables isolated people to stay connected. This amazing feat of engineering means that internet access is now available in some of the most remote places on Earth.

Whether the communication is for business or personal use, global SatCom connectivity is an important lifeline back home. There is a very real need to communicate in remote regions or where there is no reliable terrestrial network. SatCom fills this void.

Of course, with any communication services, there are service level agreements (SLAs) that need to be maintained to ensure customer satisfaction. The SatCom usage must also be metered and rated correctly to ensure accurate billing of the end user.

Here at Roscom, we provide SatCom assurance. Our independent test tools can help you to assure your services, and therefore prevent revenue leakage.

It's Not Rocket Science...

But It Does Require Expertise

Our engineers have worked with satellite providers before and know the risks and challenges associated with SatCom. It is not a straightforward comparison between Satellite and standard GSM telecom. There are fundamental differences which affect important factors such as timing and metering.

How Can TCG Help?

Independent testing by Roscom shines a light on exactly what the end user is experiencing from both a service level and a billing accuracy level. Each test call, text or data session can be applied to a set of intelligent metrics (KPIs provided by Roscom) for reporting purposes.

One of the key aspects of TCG is identifying ‘missing records’ or in other words lost revenue from the non-billing of usage. Unbilled usage is a 100% revenue loss. This is why Roscom’s risk-based approach, developed from over 30 years of telecom testing experience can provide large returns from a TCG investment.

By testing the availability, quality and accuracy of satellite phone services you can extrapolate customer satisfaction. As your customer base increases, likely so does the importance of getting ‘good reviews’. TCG data is regularly used around the globe, to independently verify the customer’s experience.

SatCom Assurance
Roscom Test Call Generator

The Best Tool for SatCom Revenue Assurance

“The customer comes first” or “the customer is always right” are often heard in a customer-centric industry such as telecommunications. Based on this focus to satisfy the customer, surely any assurance or audit team would benefit from knowing what the customers are actually experiencing?

Test event generation identifies EXACTLY what the real customer is experiencing. There is no filter. Therefore, any issues identified with TCG that affect service delivery, CDR generation, metering or billing will also reflect what is happening in the real world!

The accurate end-to-end verification provided by our TCGs will identify any technical revenue leakage issues and more importantly any causes for customer complaint e.g. billing errors.

TCG System Components (How it Works)

With TCG, you can discover if CDRs Seconds Bytes are missing!