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There are numerous Test Call Generators available in the RAFM marketplace, but their capabilities can differ wildly. Learn how the market-leading accuracy of Roscom TCGs can be used to verify metering and billing compliance.

Why an Accurate Test Call Generator is Essential for Compliance

  • Telecom regulations often require compliance with tight measurement thresholds
  • A small error in a test sample represents a far-reaching error across the customer base
  • New technology must be verified for compliance against the same levels of accuracy tolerance
  • Inaccurate metering and billing will lead to customer complaints and therefore regulatory investigations 

Roscom test call generators have been used globally for over 30 years to verify timing and metering accuracy.

UK operators use Roscom test call generators to test compliance with the ‘Metering and Billing Direction’, regulated by Ofcom often recognised as the international best practice for accuracy.

To measure a standard, your tool must beat the standard.

TCG Accuracy Is Key
Ofcom Accuracy Requirements and Roscom TCG Accuracy Delivered

Taken from Annex-15-Revised-Metering-and-Billing-Direction.pdf – Section 4.1

“The performance of the TMBS shall be assessed on the basis of how many errors are made… This assessment of performance requires that the accuracy requirements are assured by a robust and credible management system, controlling processes and monitoring and recording Events… Measurement processes shall be effective in supporting increased knowledge of the end to end TMBS. They shall include the identification of root causes of bill inaccuracies and the implementation of activities aimed at achieving continual improvement of End-Users’ bills.”

Since 2014, Ofcom have fined UK telecom operators in total over £87 million pounds for breaching Ofcoms General Conditions.

Roscom Test Call Generator

Our Innovations in TCG Accuracy

Our test call generators have a market-leading accuracy of ±100 milliseconds and ±1 byte. This unrivalled level of accuracy reveals the true behaviour of the OSS/BSS such as timing, metering and rounding. Therefore, our TCGs are perfect for proving compliance with Ofcoms TMBS requirements.

We have designed our TCGs with flexibility in mind. Capable of mobile (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), VoLTE, M2M, broadband, converged voice and standard fixed line test event generation.