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eCommerce Revenue Assurance

With proven tools, 30 years of technology and know-how Roscom is actively applying its knowledge into the eCommerce space across a range of technologies. Our tools only require simple high level commercial data for a revenue assurance implementation meaning deployment is easy, quick and a simple IT project.

Our standard Revenue Assurance deployment includes master SKU catalogue validation, a complete final invoicing re-rating validation as standard and a complete VAT validation. The VAT is a key control we deliver for Revenue Assurance including any reverse engineering of its calculation where necessary for each category of SKU with variable VAT rates. Every discount type is validated for revenue and timing of its application to the orders being placed for processing. There are many other routine controls and even margin controls that can be used in a standard RA deployment.

RA deployments will also help with some regulatory compliance proofs, although each and every installation comes with differing regulatory burdens. This covers a wide breadth of assurance from orders picked and payments collected, refunds, price promotions, changes and tax calculations. The expertise that comes with our tool installations helps to establish which regulatory proofs can be elevated into your GRC processes for assessment and mitigation.

eCommerce Revenue Assurance - Roscom