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Learn how our solutions can help your technical teams monitor RAN performance with near real-time customer experience data.

Help your technical team monitor RAN performance with live customer experience reporting. By working alongside network engineers, we have developed Merlin™, a multi-purpose network testing asset for any RAN management team.

While many traditional network assurance tools focus on checking for specific problems or monitoring technical processes, Merlin™ performs end to end tests, allowing it to detect issues caused by unmonitored components and unexpected technical issues.

RAN Performance

RAN Performance Features Include

Active RAN Monitoring

Automated Testing

  • Merlin™ schedules test events at agreed intervals to identify issues

On Demand Testing

  • NMC/NOC & engineers can directly place calls 24×7 to confirm issues and verify fixes

Early Warning System


  • Issues are raised by SNMP/email, which can be integrated into NMC operations

Real Time Results

  • Results reported within 1 minute, holding voice calls open to investigate detected audio issues

Independent Assurance

End to end coverage

  • All service-affecting risk points between TX party and RX party phones/internet content

Network Agnostic

  • Subscriber-perspective measures impact on services regardless of network infrastructure

RAN Performance Case Study

Roscom Map

Reducing Customer Complaints

with NRT reporting of call failures as they happen

Help Customer Retention

by testing all services delivered to Consumer, MVNO, Corporate & VIPs

Monitors Performance Changes

when maintenance or upgrades are being rolled out

400+ Operator Locations Nationally

The Challenge

A Tier 1 operator required earlier detection of failures affecting customers.

The Solution

Geographical coverage by utilising Retail outlets to monitor voice, messages and data quality. NRT reporting and SNMP alerting.

Service Assurance Advantages

Solution is quick to deploy, effective and affordable. Easy to expand location coverage and call types as well as being upgradable to 5G.

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Years Deployment


“I have worked with many telecoms vendors throughout my career and would happily put your Roscom Merlin team in the top tier with regards to the speed of their customer responsiveness and their willingness to adapt to maximise customer value and satisfaction….”
Nick Judd
VIP Faults and Network Quality - Telefónica
Telecom Service Assurance - RAN Performance

RAN Insights

Why RAN Insights? The success of a radio access network can be judged by many different metrics. For instance, it is usually the customers experience that determines which network scores the ‘best’ in surveys. Other factors such as Speed, Performance and Bearer availability (e.g. LTE/5G) are very important to the consumer.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could monitor these metrics from the customers perspective across the country, up to thousands of locations? And also benchmark yourself against competitors?

Merlin™ can provide you with these RAN Insights!

Benchmarking Against KPIs

Utilise our 48 KPIs created over 10 years of working with network teams to gain insights on:

Benchmarking Against Competitors

If you are unsure exactly how well your network stacks up in certain areas, then test for it:

  • Network accessibility
  • Service availability
  • Connection retainability
  • Service quality e.g. network response, audio quality, SMS delivery times, data speeds
RAN RAN Insights Dashboard

RAN Insights can show you which locations are struggling, enabling you to act.

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