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Search for Treasure with the Right Tools – 5G Risks and Rewards

What would you say to someone who is trying to find treasure buried 5ft underground with a metal detector that can only reach 1ft down? They could search all day, but until the metal detector is upgraded, all they will find is old cola cans and loose change.

Roscom’s website posts are getting more random I hear you say!.. well, that may be true but we do have good reason. We are trying to make the point that if you want to assure 5G, then you need tools that are built to test 5G!

At its core, customer experience testing is founded on behaving like a normal customer and independently scoring the experience. However, TCG does not just cover quality of service metrics, we cover the back-end transport, metering and billing e2e flows.

These diagrams illustrate the diverse risk paths that exist across a mobile network operator’s (MNO) platform. As new services are released, the quantity of risks increases. A TCG produces KPIs that act as a control mechanism for mitigating these new risks.

Example Mobile Network Diagrams - Roscom

To ensure that each risk path of an MNO is fully assured, the TCG must match (or exceed) the SLA sold by the MNO to its subscribers. If for example an MNO offers 5G services to its new subscribers, but uses 3G-only TCGs for risk assurance, then the fact is that none of the systemic 4G or 5G platform risks are being mitigated.

The above diagrams are not exhaustive; however, they do highlight the differences in MNO platform routes based on the mobile technology used.

5G standalone (5G SA) networks are being rolled out the world over. Voice over New Radio (VoNR) is to be the successor to VoLTE technology. It brings faster connectivity to the network, higher uplink speeds all from the standalone 5G network infrastructure. Naturally, with any new technology there are subsequent new risks created. This poses a challenge for the revenue assurance and quality of service teams. Consider:

  • RA Managers: how can 5G missing CDR issues possibly be found if you only have 3G TCGs?
  • QoS/NOC/IoT teams: how can 5G customer experience issues be found in real-time if you aren’t testing 5G services?

Do you keep finding old tin cans and loose change on your network? Maybe you need an upgrade. To learn how we cover 5G services, please ask for a TCG Product Guide below:

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