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eCommerce Risk and Control Management

We bring to the table our pre-built risk and control model with over 300 pre-built controls. We have the expertise not only to have created it in the first place but also to have the know-how as to how to adapt, apply and integrate it to any data-rich digital business. If you are embarking on a digital transformation then we can help build your control environment from inception and then integrate It from the ground up. Whether you feel you are a proven start-up or one of the world’s fastest growing retailers we can enhance or start your risk assurance strategy.

We work with both retailers and platform solutions manufacturers to apply our risk and control technology and tools. For platform manufacturers this can be achieving certifications for your products and reducing external audit costs and creating a product improvement process. For retailers this can be minimising the risks of fraud or revenue or margin leakage.

We have a range of tools, technology and techniques to enhance either your Internal Audit or Risk Management function and we can help you build on whatever models and controls you have in place. With a typical risk and control deployment there is usually a Controls design and modelling phase before we deploy our tools and technology. The level of data integration is typically much deeper than a Revenue Assurance deployment, meaning the controls environment can be enhanced in stages.

eCommerce Risk and Control Management - Roscom