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eCommerce Fraud Management Controls

We can deploy our product suite as a Fraud solution supported by our Expert Fraud Examiners either as part of a Revenue Assurance or a Risk and Controls deployment or simply to target fraud as a stand-alone Fraud Detection solution. We can provide an outside-in fraud susceptibility study to help you assess how vulnerable your business is to fraud attacks and to help build business cases.

Either stand alone or as part of a RA deployment for external frauds coming from new customer risks involving false addresses, synthetic identities, credit card and credit scoring abuse and misuse. Our solution uses practices standard in other industries to target fraud for elimination in your eCommerce deployment while requiring nothing more than your co-operation and the data sources from your trading platforms.

Deeper penetrating frauds can be controlled through Risks and Controls deployments and designed in as specific controls for stock locations, write offs and returns to eliminate the opportunity for stock fraud. This can also be used to target for elimination a range of internal and supplier fraud from selling discounted goods to friends and family to false goods receipt notes. Simply by making clear you have fraud detection built into your business you can sleep more assuredly as well as knowing you are doing what all the leading retailers are doing to prevent fraud in your business or platform.

eCommerce Fraud Management - Roscom