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Improving the profitability of business by assessing costs and assuring margin levels on products and services


Improving the profitability of business activities by assessing costs and assuring margin levels on products and services. Uncover the true profit margins of your products and services by implementing our cost assurance module.

Cost Assurance For Products and Services

ImperiumTM utilises multiple data points from the end-to-end data system flow from order acknowledgment through to invoicing. As a result of putting this data to work, the ImperiumTM platform produces reports on a product or services margin contribution. Any issues can then be analysed and used to drive future business decisions to improve profitability.

We offer the following cost assurance KPIs which can split by various vectors, for example:

  • Customer individual profits
  • Customer usage
  • Promotions and sale profitability
  • Report margins by revenue stream
  • Credit risk / bad debt recovery
  • Old product legacy costs
  • New product launch cost and profitability

Our solution puts you in control of margin management. For example, you can define the KPI thresholds and alerts that should trigger internal action. In addition, these alerts can be uploaded directly into your own risk management portals. Alternatively, you can opt to use our pre-defined risk control framework.

Imperium™ for Business Assurance

Imperium™ can be used to enhance or replace existing core business assurance activities. It offers a variety of control modules that focus on key business areas, while also providing established risk frameworks that can be tailored to fit your business.

Example Applications of Cost Assurance

Applied to Electricity

Usage – Energy Wholesaler Costs

  • Customer metered usage vs wholesale metered value
  • Wholesale metered value vs wholesale costs
  • Analytics on metered values & costs


VAT – HMRC Costs

  • VAT 5% charges reconciled to all domestic customer collected revenue
  • VAT 20% charges reconciled to all business customer collected revenue


Network Costs

  • Reconciliation of DNO / ESO charges to all customer accounts, metered usage & billed usage
RegTech Cost Assurance - Energy

Applied to Telecom

Validate in near real time (NRT) that you are meeting internal margin targets by reconciling interconnect costs against your consumer invoicing.

Cost assurance for telecom can be used to focus on the following high-level areas:

  • Subscriber revenues
  • Interconnect partners (such as roaming)
  • 3rd party content
  • MVNO wholesalers

Applied to eCommerce

Granular visuals of end-to-end stock to sale validation giving enhanced cost and margin analysis.

Imperium™ offers layered control reporting on the following ecommerce cost and margin activity:

  • Supplier Orders vs goods received
  • Goods received vs goods returned / rejected
  • Pricing errors
  • Stock levels and locations
  • Product recall management
  • Predicted future sales / volume errors
  • Retail stock vouchers
  • Waste and adjustments
  • Negative margins
  • VAT & Tax

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