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Broadband Testing

Why is broadband testing so important for an ISP? Well, Internet Service Providers have the challenge of delivering reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity to vast numbers of consumers across wide geographical areas. This commonly includes copper, part fibre, or full fibre cable to a property. There is also a growing market for over the air home broadband.

Roscom Example Broadband Diagram

One of the complications facing ISPs is proving to regulators that internet services are delivered to consumers in accordance with contractual agreements. It is increasingly required that ISPs provide consumers information on their estimated speeds range in writing at the start of a contract and that this is a guaranteed deliverable. Regulations also allow consumers to exit a contract penalty-free if the service delivered is not at the speeds originally promised by the provider.

Metering and billing accuracy guidance from regulators enables ISPs to define error thresholds for compliance.

Clearly, there are a number of good reasons for ISPs to consider monitoring quality of service, metering and billing accuracy.

Broadband Testing - Broadband Test Generator

An independent TCG solution enables control points to be set along the full length of the revenue chain to identify risk points from consumer to invoice. The TCGs create data usage/upload on the network using real broadband lines (or SIMs) in order to replicate consumer behaviour.

This evaluation of the ISP allows the QoS to be independently verified and the invoice accuracy to be financially validated. Identify the most important TCG controls by utilising our expertise in risk and revenue mapping.

Did You Know:

Stats taken from World Wi-Fi Day.

We all know just how important broadband is to our daily life. We rely on it. So broadband service providers need a reliable test tool which can ensure broadband service quality.

Broadband Testing Quality of Service KPIs:

Broadband Testing Metering and Billing KPIs

Introducing the Test Generator for Broadband Testing

Precision Engineered for Metering & Timing

  • ±1 byte accuracy
  • ±100 millisecond accuracy

An Independent Calibration Tool

  • Upload/download speed reporting
  • Data cap and throttle verification
  • Compare the byte counts recorded from a customer perspective against any CDRs that have been generated in order to verify your expected business rules
  • Reverse engineer or verify your data metering rules by using TCG packet capturing and URL breakdowns
  • Roscom TCG tools have been BABT TÜV SÜD certified since 2008

Ready for Future, Past and Present

  • ADSL2
  • FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet)
  • FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises)
  • Over-the-air broadband
  • IPVN Testing

Implementation Information

  • Capable of volume and targeting testing from one technology platform to another
  • Simple to implement technology with solutions for every installation site
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