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Our technology and tools provide independent and accurate assurance of telecom revenues and services.

Telecom Technology and Tools

Our unique set of technology and tools have supported the global telecommunications sector for more than 30 years.

Our TCG design has always focused on generating the most accurately metered test calls or events. This is how for all these years our TCG has been able to prove independently that that the local metering and billing regulations were being successfully met. 

Our TCG tools provide automated end to end test calling, removing the need for manual checks by network and revenue assurance departments alike. Identify and address network outages or errors BEFORE your customers complain.

To learn more about our available tools, please follow the links provided below.

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Our Technology and Tool Innovations

Our test call generators have a market-leading accuracy of ±100 milliseconds and ±1 byte. This unrivalled level of accuracy reveals the true behaviour of the OSS/BSS such as timing, metering and rounding. Open up previously untapped revenue opportunities by reviewing the business rules in place and creating business cases for revenue optimisation.

We have designed our TCGs with flexibility in mind. Capable of mobile (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), VoLTE, M2M, broadband, converged voice and standard fixed line test event generation. They are simple to install – just add power.

Our Telecom technology allows for:

Revenue Assurance

Service Assurance

Fraud Assurance

Regulatory Assurance

Cost Assurance

Mobile Money Transaction Assurance

Test Event Generation (2G-5G)

Change Management

Bypass/SIMBox Fraud Assurance

App Testing Assurance

Roaming and International

VoLTE Testing

and much more…