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TCG 2024 Design - Roscom

Fixed Line and VoIP Test Call Generator

Fixed line continues to be an important revenue stream for communication service providers. In many cases now, CSPs are grouping PSTN, Mobile and Broadband products all together in one package as an attractive deal for subscribers. Businesses too rely on both fixed line and VoIP to carry out day to day activities calling both locally and internationally.

With many businesses around the globe changing to a permanent ‘work-from-home’ setting, the importance of assuring availability and the accuracy of metering and billing ‘at-home’ is on the rise. 

Assuring fixed line, SIP and VoIP is made possible through our Test Call Generators (TCG). They are built with industry leading timing accuracy (+/- 100ms).

Our TCG has been designed to independently measure exactly what the subscriber experiences including the ability to record in call audio for analysis of call quality. In the case of change assurance, TCG can be used to verify the billing systems are calibrated as expected and voice services are being billed correctly, protecting your revenues and assuring your customers experience.

Roscom Pedigree

Our Pedigree

We have been deploying and supporting test call generators (TCG) in the telecoms industry since 1982. We design, build and test them ourselves at our headquarters in the heart of England in Derbyshire.

Our engineers have walked the walk. Fielded more than 70 concurrent teams, driven more than a million miles, walked football stadia, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, royal quarters and private prime ministerial residences.

As part of our dedication to both accuracy and quality we have been BABT TÜV SÜD and NQA ISO 9001 accredited for over 10 consecutive years.

We are committed to looking after our future and future generations! That is why we have invested in sustainable solar energy in order for us to be able to offer Carbon Negative test call generation from our headquarters. Swap to our TCG services to reduce your carbon footprint.