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Regulatory Assurance For Telecom Operators

Verifying Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory assurance for telecom operators includes tools that test 5G, 4G, 3G, PSTN, SIP, VoIP and broadband.

Do you need evidence of regulatory compliance? If so, our automated regulatory assurance solutions can help. Working together, we integrate our risk-based technology and procedures with your internal control structure. Thereby empowering you with the data that demonstrates compliance.

If you are reading this page, then it is likely that you already have an appreciation for the need to comply with both local and international legislations. In certain lands, there is a mandatory requirement for the CSP to prove that local or international regulations are being adhered to. Consequently, the CSP must have a risk management strategy for testing, monitoring and reporting occurrences where the rules have not been met.

Legal Regulatory

For example, our test calling solutions are currently used by mobile network operators in the UK for the purpose of displaying compliance with metering and billing accuracy directions. As standard, we integrate with the CSP team involved (e.g. revenue assurance) and help them to produce evidence of regulation compliance. This includes the use of our risk management strategies and KPI reporting to display regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Assurance

We have been TÜV SÜD attestation-approved by BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) for over 15 years. This approval is for ‘Code of Practice for the Design and Supply of Communications Support Systems’. We have proven time and time again that we can work in partnership with CSPs to meet the changing landscape of the telecommunications environment including 4G, VoLTE and 5G.

Roscom - TÜV SÜD BABT Approved for Telecom Systems and Equipment

Our test event solution is compatible with evidencing compliance with many international legislations, this includes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

We are also certified for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001.

Target Risk

Meeting The Requirements

Since our very beginning in test call generation in the 1980s, we have continued to focus on measurement accuracy. Accurate measurements lead to accurate billing.

Our TCG solutions offer end to end subscriber experience accuracy of ±100ms, ±1-byte, independent CDR verification and charging accuracy to ±0.00001. These levels of accuracy are significantly higher than currently required by the most stringent regulatory direction.

Cost Assurance Report

How Do We Integrate?

We aim to be an extension of your team. That is why we have worked hard to maintain excellent relationships with our clients who may be from either Revenue Assurance teams or other Internal Risk and Control teams. This includes face to face meetings, regular catch-up calls, with your own dedicated Roscom analyst. We have found that working together collaboratively provides mutual benefit and it makes evidencing regulatory compliance much easier.

Risk Report

Giving You Confidence At Audit Time

We provide reporting evidence of compliance for you to share with the auditors. We walk through with your auditor the details of our test calling strategy and our intelligent risk management process called the Risk Measurement Model (RMM). By explaining our processes and our dedication to accuracy we provide confidence to your auditors.

Arrange a Regulatory Assurance for Telecom Operators Demonstration

Our Osprey™ TCG demonstrations are flexible and suited to your needs. Ask our revenue assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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