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A risk and control management framework founded on accuracy and developed from over 30 years of telecom assurance

Integrated Controls To Mitigate Risk

Our solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing risk and control management strategies. This risk assurance rationalisation is intended to enhance your existing controls framework, rather than replace it. 

Our controls cover key risk areas such as:

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Speaking Your Language

When we raise issues to you, we use your businesses risk terminology and identifiers. This can save your business significant time when internal ticketing systems are used as part of the investigation process.

Simplifying Audits

Because our reports use your own risk framework language, there is no need for your auditors to ‘translate’ risk definitions when reviewing your compliance. Impress them with your risk coverage made possible only through our technology-to-technology audit enhancing controls.

Increasing visibility

Our standardised issue mapping can be uploaded directly onto your own risk management solutions or portals. Meaning that the relevant department, senior manager or corporate group manager can analyse the current risk status in a central place.

Translating Risks into Test Cases

We can use your risk definition to identify the essential tests required. This provides you with an accurate picture of the risk coverage available and what technology tools you actually need from us.

Risk Report

Our Risk Measurement Model - RMM​

There are a large number of catalogues, matrices and best practice models available to help you with risk management. Undoubtedly your own business will also have some form of managing risk and reporting on it. Where our Risk Measurement Model differs, is that it is completely centralised around providing Return on Investment. From start to finish, the RMM process aims to optimise your business rules and as a result improve your bottom line.

Our Telecom Controls​

Controls Overview

In total, we have 428 controls spread over 47 control areas. They cover revenue assurance, service integrity, fraud detection and mobile money risk areas. These controls have been built by us based on experience in OSS/BSS TCG testing, data reconciliation and analytics. If you are a communications service provider and you would like to see more details on our controls available, please see our Risks and Controls page.

How it Works

Each one of our Control Areas may have several underlying Controls. We appreciate that this can soon get complicated, and this is why we map our Controls to YOUR framework. So as we continue to grow and develop our control suite, you can be confident that it is underpinning and supporting your own risk framework.

For example, shown here is our Control Area for CDR creation. Behind that, sits 11 risk-based essential Control tests/KPIs that validate its performance. This would include different service types (voice, SMS, Data), high risk scenarios (e.g. hyper short calls) and best practice business rule verification.

Control Explained English

How We Map Your Risk to Our Control Framework

YOUR INTERNAL RISK: New Service Launch

INTERNAL RISK CATEGORY: No record created in billing system



OUR CONTROL FRAMEWORK TEST POINTS: 2 control areas requiring a total of 17 control tests.

Choosing the Right Controls For You

We want you to see value from our controls. That is why we prefer to speak to you about your risk coverage needs first, rather than offering a generic ‘out-the-box’ solution. For example, if your mobile network no longer offers MMS, then you are unlikely to want controls that assure MMS!

We can switch control areas on or off depending on your requirements. This flexibility allows you to chose different areas of focus during the year. This could be changed based upon:

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Would You Like to See A Demo of our Telecom Control Framework?

Our demonstrations are flexible and suited to your needs. Ask our revenue assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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