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How To Buy

Our Products and Services

We provide fully supported:

  • Cloud based SaaS
  • Local Cloud SaaS
  • Local technology product installations
  • Shared Service Technology products for Corporate Groups
  • Managed Services
  • Build Operate Transfers

We operate from a basis of ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We are working on a B Corporation certification.

We have decades of experience of Compliance Risk and Business Assurance controls frameworks. 

The level of support we offer is also flexible, so whether you prefer a ‘light-touch’ method or a ‘hand-holding’ approach we can help. We have been supporting clients for over 30 years, and we are currently integrated with various teams including revenue integrity, revenue assurance, service assurance and regulatory compliance.

Our goal is to deliver affordable products efficient services clear results expert recommendations you can trust

How To Buy - Roscom Greeting New Contacts

Getting Started

Solution Database
We build a business case with and for you
  • Firstly we analyse your data flows and identify how to fulfil your requirements
  • Then we provide a clear, jargon-busted scope of work
  • We then offer justified pricing to suit your budgets
We Deploy
  • We deploy our data to controls mapping expertise
  • You choose your type of installation option
  • We project managed the deployment
  • We work with you to address the Compliance and Assurance objectives as quickly as realistic to mitigate your risks
We Provide
  • Friendly product support over email or telephone
  • Regular software upgrades
  • Online training
  • Access to our Risk and Control Hub
  • System health-checks
  • Advice on how to grow your risk coverage

Grow Your Assurance

Think big, start small
  • Scalable product architecture allows you room for growth at your own pace
  • Progress maturity by using our risk and control hub of expert information
Optional Extras
  • In-house bespoke engineering team
  • Subject matter expert support
Continuous Risk Coverage Improvement
Revenue Integrity 90%
Revenue Assurance 95%
Margin Assurance 85%
Fraud Assurance 70%
Compliance Proofs 68%

Global Services

Worldwide Distribution

We have carried out over 3,000 projects over the past 3 decades, across 6 continents (one continent was just too cold for us!) and have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe.

Roaming & International

We have real test probes in place globally to support our roaming, international and fraud detection services. 

Roscom Globe Map
International Success
The Team

Our team here at Roscom is made up of a diverse group of experienced multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals who are looking forward to talking to you!

All of the above is also available as a flexible switch on/off managed service solution

Roscom World Map

Over 3000 projects

completed over 3 decades

across 6 continents

We have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe