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Are You ready for the 2024 Paris Olympics? Roscom TCG Blog

Is Your Mobile Network Ready for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

What an exciting few months we have coming up on the international sporting calendar! Next month (June) we have both the COPA America and the ICC T20 World Cup in the USA, along with the UEFA 2024 Euros in Germany. Following that in July we have the Paris 2024 Olympics running through to September and don’t forget the Formula One calendar which runs through to December.

Although some of you may not have much interest in in the sporting events themselves, you may however be keenly interested in the people travelling to see these events. These roamers will include VIPs, bloggers and of course your valued subscribers!

With 10 million Olympic tickets on sale* and the purchasers being from at least 178 countries, the resulting surge in roamers is guaranteed. Which begs the question, are you ready for it?

Consider some of the roaming risks:

  • Provisioning: service capabilities, VoLTE, 5G, VoNR, eSIM, top-ups
  • Communication: network messages, accurate updates, accurate prices
  • Margin: inter-operator steering and billing
  • Subscriber Billing Accuracy: bundles, bolt-ons, calling home rates, receiving call rates, social media promotions
  • Quality of service
  • Regulatory compliance

The athletes are training every day right now, are you training your network? Test Call Generation (TCG) can be applied proactively to detect leakage and maximise those oh so important margins before any sporting fans step off the plane!

Paris Olympics Telecom Risk Path

What Does TCG Find?

Every project is different, however there are trends in what TCG will find if guided by the right risk-based expertise. Issues can be found at virtually any step in the subscribers journey. For example errors in automated landing messages are common, along with subscribers not being able to do what they thought they could (provisioning) or incorrect network steering. Quality of service issues are common, due to the complexity of the operations e.g. problems with VoLTE, USSD commands, SMSC problems. Then there are also often issues with roaming charges, or the specific business rules associated with bundles and promotions. Missing CDRs are always a possibility, leading to significant revenue loss. There is often no shortage of problems to be resolved, and they often have a high return on investment due to the larger revenues involved with roaming.

What about assurance for the host networks?

You have a completely different challenge, as well as all the above risks already discussed, TCG can provide coverage for:

  • Bypass detection
  • Roaming/Wholesale CDR creation verification (including TAP, partner billing etc)
  • Network steering assurance (partner verification – PRL lists)
  • Visitor-specific tariff verification

Roaming Testing Will Maximise Your Roaming Revenue During the Olympic Games

  • Network welcome message validation
  • Corrected inter-operator steering rules
  • Validated inter-operator rating charges
  • Validated retail rating charges
  • Roaming specific bundle and promotions verified
  • SIM provisioning & top-up validation
  • Avoid regulatory breaches (and fines)
  • Avoid customer churn due to poor QoS
  • VoLTE calling
  • 5G capabilities fully assured (including VoNR)

How Does TCG Roaming Testing Work?

  • Send SIMs to our headquarters in the UK and let our SIM server do the rest.
  • Quick turnaround – our TCGs in France are ready to go.
  • Switch testing on/off with ease.
  • Test any roaming bundles
  • Utilise any CDRs with our flexible decoders.
  • End-to-end audit using real traffic, real routes.
  • Improve margins by verifying network steering performance

To request a quick overview on our roaming services, please get in touch below:

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