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Everything works better with TLC

I’m a great believer the world goes round a whole lot better with a little TLC – an understanding of the Time zone, Language and Culture of the markets in which we work. As part of our recent expansion we’re looking for agents across the globe to help us better help our clients.

We respect culture and want the way we deliver our services to better reflect that. It’s not just the quality of the product it’s the manner in which it is delivered which is important too. Like many of you, I have travelled across the world doing business, speaking at conferences and meeting international clients. I wonder how much time we put into researching the cultural requirements compared with their business needs?

If you don’t understand the needs of your clients’ customers then why would they do business with you? Each client, and ultimately their customers, need to feel the solution is designed, delivered and supported in their time zone, with a common language and respectful of their culture. Having access to support within their working hours is critical. Speaking to someone in their own language makes sense and helps our customers understand our capabilities. As a result we are better able to provide the support they need.

As our expansion of Roscom continues internationally, we’re looking for new agents – talented groups, businesses or individuals to be an ambassador for our solutions across the world.

You’ll need to be both proven from a technical point of view together with a strong understanding and focus on the needs of the customer. Our requirements range from IT support through to customer facing onsite support.

Essentially your role will be the bridge between us and our treasured clients whether it is the USA or Australia, across Africa to Latin America and Asia to the whole of Europe.

We’ll provide the training and good rates of pay.

If you are interested in joining us as a partner of Roscom then do get in touch.

Mandy Blackburn, Operations Director, Roscom


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