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Keep it Fresh

Are you stuck with testing old technology with your old test call generator solution? Do you have new promotions, new 5G launch, new VoLTE Roaming? Or do you simply want to change the tariffs that you are testing but can’t due to the restrictions from your service provider… Sounds familiar?

Here at Roscom our new managed services follow the ‘keep it fresh’ approach. We work closely with our clients to map the services they are offering to their subscribers and provide the TCG solutions to cover those services so they can be assured for risk. This covers metering, rating and billing, overall customer experience and service accessibility and quality (QoS).

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ services include change management, 5G and VoLTE testing. 

Would you like to keep it fresh and stay ahead of your risks? Come and talk to us for a fresher, greener approach.


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