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Revenue Assurance – the top risks using test calls…

We have compiled a summary of the revenue assurance issues identified using our TCGs since 2014. Using this dataset (which is completely client anonymous) we have been able to write a short study and include our findings. Both mobile (2G-5G) and fixed line testing are included, as are domestic, international and roaming based issues.

The study paper features our top 10 most commonly found RA issues using TCG, it also identifies the most troublesome service types from one year to the next and how these have changed in some cases. The study highlights just some of the ways that our TCG has found these issues, and how we plan to address them moving forward with our ETCG solution.

The below graph highlights that the number one issue towers over the others in terms of recurrance.

RA Study Top 10 Blurred

No, you don’t need new glasses, we have intentionally blurred out the top ten in the above image, this is because we would really like you to read the full study. We are however willing to share here in this blog that the second most common TCG RA issue we have identified is missing records (CDR Reconciliation & Transport). We have found repeatedly that missing CDR’s are often the highest contributor to a TCG systems return on investment (ROI). Missing records are primarily identified when new BSS platforms are launched or the existing systems are put under high load. Of course, the only true way of testing this is to have end to end independent TCG data that can verify the calls successful connection and therefore its validity for being charged. We have found on many occasions that just one risk-based test call with a missing record can be the tip of the underlying iceberg.

The service type that we identified as having the most issues, has held this 1# position consecutively each year since 2014 and just may surprise you…

To see the study, please email and we can grant you free access to this study and a host of other content available on our Risk and Controls portal.


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