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Why Qualifications Matter

In a world where anyone can set themselves up as a company with a website and an answering service it is important to know who you are doing business with. Are they qualified to do the job? Can they prove it and if so how? We are marking over a decade of approval by TÜV SÜD BABT and we’ve recently transitioned to the latest ISO9001:2015 international quality standard.

It’s part of our drive and passion to understand process and subject matter. The telecoms industry is an international one. How do you know the company you are employing can deliver when they may be thousands of miles away?

References help of course. So too do examples of their previous work. But do they really understand your business strategy? What added value will they bring? In telecoms how do you know their measurements are as accurate as they claim?

While qualifications and accreditations are not the be all and end all they are an indicator of how seriously a company takes their business. ISO9001:2015 is an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management. The standard is high. It has to be. Our answer to the question of what’s the point in having qualifications, certifications and standards is credibility.

It is a simple way of proving to your customers, suppliers and everyone who you do business with, including potential clients, you are a credible, reliable, quality driven, certified and forward-thinking organisation.

External audits are part of the quality programme with external verification conducted to ensure continued adherence is maintained. We have been undergoing these external audits since the inception of Roscom and prior to that with our sister company Rotadata since 2000: the most recent external audits have been identified as a ‘Best Practice’ example of how to operate a quality management system. Pretty impressive we’d say.

Understanding a business is one thing, having the passion and best practice to drive quality, process and forward thinking is a separate subject.

Over the past decade Roscom have successfully been externally audited without one single non-conformance being identified. Our strive to continuous improvement shows in our external audits. Quality of product and quality of service have always been at the forefront of our work. After all we were born out of the aerospace industry and there is no room for error there!

Qualifications and certifications are the simplest way to show current and potential clients who you are and what you can do. ISO9001:2015 does that on an international scale.

Mandy Blackburn,
Operations Director,

Roscom measures with an accuracy of +/- 100 milliseconds for voice and +/- 1 byte for data. Calibrated precision engineering designed for Revenue Integrity.


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