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Mandy At Roscom Summit

Roscom Director to chair European summit

Roscom’s Operations Director, Mandy Blackburn, is to chair a European summit on telecoms fraud and risk management this month.

The summit will hear from experts on how to tackle the damaging and widespread problems facing the telecoms industry today. This includes the international nature of fraud which has a major impact on identifying and eliminating the fraudsters.

Speakers include representatives of the major telecoms companies such as Telefonica and Swisscom together with fraud investigation experts from Vodafone and the credit rating agency Experian.

Mrs Blackburn said being asked to chair the summit showed how highly Roscom and its team were held on the international stage in the fight against telecoms fraud and risk management.

She said:

This year Roscom is celebrating 35 years of being in the telecoms sector. Our engineers design our own equipment and we push the tests to the limit to ensure network operators and service providers are regulation compliant, able to manage their risks and ensure their revenue streams are being fully supported.I’m honoured to be asked to chair this summit. The more our sector can learn about fighting fraud the better we can serve our customers. But this isn’t just an honour for me. It is a recognition of the hard work and innovation of our staff at Roscom and I will certainly be sharing best practices and new ideas with our team on my return.

The summit is being held in Barcelona on October 5 and 6 2017.

For further details on the conference please visit: Telecoms Fraud & Risk Management Summit


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