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Risk and Control Hub

Our Risk and Controls Hub

Our Risk and Controls Hub – A Success!

Back in March 2020, just as many around the world were preparing to work from home due to Covid-19, we launched the Risk and Controls Hub (or Portal as it was called then). I can remember my last physical day in the office rushing around the various departments to get the portal launched, and I’m so glad we managed it!

Since we launched the Hub, we have been surprised by the positive reception and interest that it has gained. Here are some statistics to show the value to our clients:

  • Over 100 active users and growing
  • 93% of active users downloaded multiple documents
  • A third of the active users returned after their first visit
  • Below is a graph showing which documents were the most popular (top 10):
Risk and control hub downloads

Many thanks to the Roscom team for making this work as a valuable resource to our clients!

The Plans for 2021

Due to the hubs success, the Roscom support, training and marketing teams have been given the go ahead to continue updating the hub with valuable resources and training materials during 2021.

It doesn’t stop there, we are diversifying the online content, across multiple sectors i.e. not just telecom. Watch this space!


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