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question parlez-vous francais? do you speak french?

Our website is now available en français!

Back in 2018 we posted that everything works better with TLC (Time zone, Language and Culture) and today we think it is more important than ever! It is clear to us that keeping TLC in mind helps us to deliver better services to our clients and also provides a much more enjoyable customer experience.

As travel and face to face meetings have been greatly reduced by the Covid pandemic, the need for quality online website content has become clear. It is for this reason that in 2020 we have been working to produce a website that contains valuable resources in both French and English. We really hope that this makes reading and understanding our content much easier for those of you who prefer to read in French.

Roscom Website Translated Into French

We love knowledge sharing!

All of our existing customers have access to our Risk and Controls Portal but we believe the content shared on the portal will be helpful to current, previous and potential customers of Roscom. If you would like access to the portal, please just let us know and we can get you setup, no strings or fees attached.


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